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7 Signs Your Partner is Cheating

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Jeremy Nicholson

PhD, psychologist & dating expert

Do you have guts that your best half is cheating you? Don’t jump at nasty preliminary conclusion. Look for these red-flag signs first. Here is the list of signs you need to pay prior attention to:

  1. They don’t make plans for the future

    If your partner blushes off such future plans as marriage, having kids or relocation to another city, it may also be a sign that he or she reconsidered the relationship.

  2. It is your imagination

    Saying “It is your imagination” usually takes place when your cheating spouse is comfortable and fed up with the regular excuses. The laziness of hiding the affair usually occurs after six months or more from its beginning. This is when your partner starts making mistakes and shows numerous signs you need to be attentive to.

  3. Partner stays at work until late at night

    Working a lot of overtime may also be a sign that your spouse cheats on you. The best way to check it is to offer to bring dinner by his or her office and see the reaction or arrive without further notice.

  4. Unexplained expenses

    If there are odd charges on your partner’s credit cards, or there is suddenly less money in your or your partner’s bank accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts, etc., that’s a possible sign of infidelity. If you ask your partner about these expenses, and their answers seem untrue, it’s likely that they are untrue.

  5. Suddenly takes business trips alone

    If your best half take business trips alone, while before you always were invited along can also be a sign that your partner has something to hide.

  6. They don't disclose details of their day anymore

    People usually share intimate details of their day with their partner. But when they’re cheating, that tends to shift to the new fling,

  7. Your partner is glued to the phone

    Weird and excessive phone usage is the number one indicator that your partner is cheating on you. If he or she leaves a room every time a phone rings and is not willing to share with whom they are talking it may be a sign. Pay extra attention if they carry their device around all the time, as they may be ensuring you don’t see anything you shouldn’t.

Please Note: Your significant other could display all 7 of these signs and still not be cheating.

But these remain indications that something is wrong in their life and/or your relationship. To find out the truth or catch a cheating partner, our mobile app can be the best solution for you.

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